Germany sends frigate to support EU’s naval mission “IRINI”

The German Ministry of Defense announced that the frigate “Hamburg” was sent to the Mediterranean in order to participate in the activity of the naval operation “IRINI” to monitor the arms embargo imposed on Libya.

It is expected that the German frigate will reach its specified location in the middle of next August, with 250 German navy soldiers on board, who will participate in the maritime observation operation within the “IRINI” operation fleet.

The deployment of “Hamburg” is the third stage of Germany’s participation in the “IRINI” operation, as it previously supported the naval operation with reconnaissance crew and aircraft since last May, in addition to ships, planes and satellites to monitor Libya’s arms embargo.

The German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said last April that Germany would participate in this European mission, initially with a reconnaissance plane and staff, but also with a naval ship later because arms smuggling and oil smuggling must be prevented.

It is noteworthy that more than 20 countries in the European Union joined the “IRINI” operation with personnel and naval military assets.


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