Peace in Libya is tied to success of EU’s IRINI Operation, Greece says

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias linked the success of the peace process in Libya to the success of the IRINI process designed to monitor the arms embargo.

The Foreign Minister added that if the process fails, it will cause a major problem for the European Union, pointing out that Europe condemns Turkey’s expansion policies at the expense of its neighbors in addition to its destabilizing moves to the security and stability of the Middle East region.

Greece recently reinforced the Irenian frigate of the Greek Navy “HS Spetsai” to patrol the designated area of ​​operations in the central Mediterranean, with three aircraft deployed by Germany, Luxembourg and Poland.

It is noteworthy that more than 20 countries in the European Union joined the IRINI Operation with personnel and naval military assets, and the IRINI naval mission relies on the support of satellite imagery provided by the European Union Satellite Center (SatCen), and is shared with the United Nations Committee of Experts.


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