Haftar: We won’t succumb to Turkish occupation

The Commander-in-Chief of the Libyans National Army, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, said that the Syrian mercenaries whom Turkey sent to Libya do not belong to Syria, they have no country, and they are mercenary groups.

Haftar said that Turkey, which sent these mercenaries to Tripoli to support the Government of National Accord had stayed in Libya for more than 300 years, and Libyans only saw from them all the evil, tampering, killing, tearing people’s goods and forcing them to pay what they could not pay.

Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar confirmed during his speech at the headquarters of the Tariq bin Ziyad Brigade that the main goal now is to expel mercenaries and Turks from the entire Libyan soil, pointing to the army with distinguished and worthy leaders, and that they have all hope and victory for the country, as well as experience enough to eliminate these groups.

He added: “There is one decisive battle and we will expel mercenaries and invaders. “


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