Military indications of Field Marshal Haftar’s latest moves

When a military commander inspects his forces in their barracks, this indicates a willingness to prepare for a military confrontation, and when he declares himself publicly and in words transmitted through the media that the confrontation continues with his enemy, this indicates that the military clash is coming.

This is what can be said after the commander-in-chief of the National Army, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar who has been moving from one camp to another, as the announced visits are all in the context of a confrontation with the GNA and mercenary forces whom Turkey is plunging into the Libyan war.

Haftar began, since the army’s withdrawal from the western region, to pay attention to his internal affairs in response to the urgent demands of fixing some of the deficiencies, and to check readiness.

An enthusiastic speech praising the officers and soldiers as well as emphasizing the continuous confrontation with the Turks who entered very directly on the Libyan conflict line, violating international resolutions and the demands of states to end the conflict and resort to a peaceful solution.

The visits of the Commander in Chief of the army to the barracks and camps and his talk about an armed confrontation with the Turks, the GNA forces and the mercenaries, preceded by the talk of Turkish officials, including Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoglu, about preparations for the Sirte al-Jufra war if the national army did not withdraw from them, reflects a Turkish desire to reach the oil crescent area from The Sirte side, and the oilfields area from the direction of Al-Jufra. These Turkish endeavors will not be realized as long as the line that the National Army has drawn is still in the sands of the desert.


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