Tripoli Protection Force says Muslim Brotherhood is a “tumor” harming Libya

The Tripoli Protection Force attacked Muslim Brotherhood in Libya through a statement describing them as “the tumor that is eating away at the body of the country,” denouncing the group’s “corrupting actions on the ground”.

And the “force” warned whoever is tempted to harm the country and its citizens, saying it will be on the lookout for anyone  especially the “corrupt” Brotherhood, noting that the Muslim Brotherhood, and since its seizure of power of the state to the present day, as their corruption has become beyond description.

The “Tripoli Protection Force” also confirmed that “this lost group (Muslim Brotherhood) – continues its destructive approach of fabricating crises, strangling the country and the citizens, and fighting and defaming the honorable leaders of the Tripoli Protection Force.

The statement stressed that the Tripoli Protection Force is the safety valve for the capital and its people against “the invaders, the greedy and the corrupt from within and without,”

it said that it is closely following the movements of this Muslim Brotherhood, which the statement described as “deadly” and its relentless attempts to create “sedition” that pour into the community at the expense of the nation and the citizens.

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