EU to sanction countries, entities violating Libya’s arms embargo

German Deutsche Welle news network, citing sources from decision-making circles in the European Union, said the European Union will slap sanctions on a list of countries, companies and personalities fueling the conflict in Libya and violating the arms embargo imposed by the United Nations.

This move towards increasing pressure on the parties that are negatively interfering in Libya, which has been mired in wars for years, is led by Germany and Italy, as well as France, which had previously stressed its support for imposing sanctions on arms smugglers to Libya.

The sources revealed a preliminary list of the names of companies and personalities who violated the arms embargo and contributed to the diversion of shipments of death to Libya, including ships, aircraft and other logistical services for transporting weapons, which has become on the table of European Union member states.

The German Network indicated that the list of entities targeted by these sanctions “will be examined by the responsible bodies in the Council of Ministers of the European Union after the summer vacation”, in order for them to make the final decision on the form and timing of their imposition.


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