Sanalla: Those who shut down oil facilities are responsible for electricity rolling blackouts

The Chairman of the National Oil Corporation, Mustafa Sanalla, confirmed that the closure of the oil ports in the Gulf of Sirte is the main reason for the increase in the loadings, stressing that the closure of the oilfields are behind the exacerbation of the electricity crisis.

Sanalla explained that closing ports in the Gulf of Sirte would result in the condensate tanks being filled in the export ports within days, which would stop the production of gas associated with the condensate that feeds Zueitina power stations and northern Benghazi.

He pointed to another problem facing the corporation, which is the difficulties of increasing the quantities of imported diesel to supply power stations due to the depletion of the budget approved for fuel during the last period due to the suspension of exports.

The Chairman of the National Oil Corporation appealed to all officials concerned with the crises facing Libyans today to show “patriotic spirit and feel the suffering of the average citizen”, and the impact of these closures on people’s daily lives.


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