Leader at dissolved Muslim Brotherhood in Al-Zawiya: Libya was in danger because of us

The former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in the city of Al-Zawiya, “Abu al-Qasim Shewa,” revealed to 218News on “Al-Bilad” program that the statement of the group’s resignation carries a message to the Libyan people.

The first message

“We are from you and work for you. We work side by side in the interest of the country, and if the Brotherhood’s umbrella is the barrier between us, we will fold this umbrella and work with you under any umbrella that aims to build a state and reform the individuals and society.”

“Reviews are not occurring in an instant and are not the result of an hour. There must be consultations and meetings until any institution reaches a decision that is responsible for all who participated in it.

The second message

The second message is a kind of internal pressure within the Muslim Brotherhood establishment that others will respond to this call.

A political maneuver due to the international regional circumstance?

“There is no maneuver. We have endured working in the group under difficult and harsh conditions, sacrificing men, displacement and prisons, and we have not announced the resignation. After the big change in February and the transformation of the work from secrecy to the public, we saw that it is not permissible for a secret organization to exist in a free homeland. This does not work.” He said.

“Our resignation comes in response to the interest of the nation and the citizen, and is not condoned by any party. After the fierce attack on the capital under the pretext of terrorism and the Muslim Brotherhood. Because of these unreal charges, it seemed as if we were a reason for demolition in this country. We want to be a constructive dependency with other honest people of the country. ” He added

“We were on the Tripoli fronts, and at the time, we did not announce the resignation. If it were fear of anyone or pressure, we would have done it before. We have a feeling that the homeland has become threatened through us. We do not want that loophole in the efforts to protect the homeland.”

What about the 2015 reviews?

“The beginning of our reviews was the shift from covert action to public action, and we came to the conviction that there is no secret organization in a free country. At the Community General Conference in 2011, scenarios were proposed for new work. It was suggested that the whole group be a political party, including that it be divided into a political party and advocacy work, and that a party be established in partnership with others.” Shewa said.

He added  that this was the beginning, and then a conference was held in 2015, after they tried 4 years, and found a conflict between political work and advocacy work. Among the important reviews is the separation of work between the advocate and the politician, and the independence of each.

However, matters developed in recent conferences, and some believed that the presence of the group in this image and slogan would be a a reason used to attack the homeland.

Opinions differed, and this is normal and very healthy. Some people said this is an illusion and the presence of the group is not the reason for attacking the homeland. We decided in Al-Zawiya to take the initiative, perhaps others would follow.

The future?

We do not accept that others follow our example. There are others who share our view and believe that a real change is needed.

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