Bashagha received in a challenging style to Tripoli Joint Force

Less than 24 hours after the Presidential Council decided to suspend the Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha and place him under investigation, Bashagha arrived at Mitiga airport from Ankara, where he was received by signs of confrontation and the character of challenge against the Tripoli joint force and Al-Sarraj.

Bashagha’s private plane landed less than 24 hours after the presidential council’s decision, which was described as bold, as it required the minister to be investigated for the permits of demonstrations and their suppression by the armed forces of the Government of National Accord, specifically the joint force and Al-Nawasi force, which are in charge of the hostility and refuse his presence in the GNA.

Bashagha’s plane was preceded by special equipment, as military convoys estimated at 300 medium and light armed vehicles arrived at Mitiga airport to secure the arrival of the dismissed Minister of Interior.

The heavily armed Bashagha’s was in defiance to the joint force, including Al-Nawasi Brigade and the Tripoli armed groups, which had never been in agreement with Bashagha, who had always described them as the outlaw militias and demanded more than once to dismantle them and withdraw their weapons, and even worked on that and presented practical programs to end this armed presence.

The heavily armed motorcade took to Al-Shatt road towards Hay Al-Andalus neighborhood and Ghout al-Shaat and these routes were a message of defiance to the militants who stationed in Martyrs Square and sent video clips that were described as provocative to Bashagha and his position as a minister and as a person who drives armed formations from the city of Misurata.

An aggressive arrival and armed convoys came to victory for Bashagha in his person, who seems to be in dire need of support in front of the Presidential Council, specifically its Head, Fayez Al-Sarraj, and the armed groups that suppressed the peaceful demonstrations in Tripoli and arrested the demonstrators and dispersed them with live bullets.

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