Libya records highest daily Covid-19 infections with 1085 new cases

The National Center for Disease Control announced the registration of 1085 new cases of Coronavirus; the highest daily number of infections since the emergence of the virus in the country, in addition to 11 deaths, and 81 recoveries.

The toll announced by the National Center raised the total number of Coronavirus infections in the country to 18,834 cases, including 16,376 active cases and 269 deaths, in addition to the recovery of 2,162 cases.

The new cases were divided between 845 new ones and 240 of people who had contacted previous patients, most of which were registered in Tripoli: 539 new cases and 85 contacts.

Coronavirus cases in Libya are witnessing a terrifying rise, which increases the seriousness of the epidemiological situation in the country, and burdens the size of the responsibility on the shoulders of the medical teams working in the country on the one hand, while puts citizens at a crossroads, either adhering to anti-virus measures, or persistently neglecting them and entering the country into a dark tunnel.


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