Source to 218News: Delegation from Tripoli House of Representatives and High Council of State’s members visits Egypt

Sources in Cairo revealed to 218News that a high-ranking delegation consisting of members of the High Council of the State, members of the House of Representatives held in Tripoli, and other legal persons from outside the two councils will leave Tripoli for Cairo, adding that none of them includes any person representing the Presidential Council and the Government of National Accord.

The sources stated that the list of names of the delegation heading to Cairo includes Muhammad Al-Reid – Belkacem Gazeit – Hassan Shaba – Abu Bakr Saeed – Ayman Seif Al-Nasser – in addition to Saad bin Sharrada. They will hold meetings with the Egyptian National Committee for the Libyan conflict formed by the General Intelligence and Military Intelligence as well as the Ministry External.

The sources pointed out that this committee is concerned with the Libyan issue and follows the Egyptian presidency directly, as it is in direct contact with the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in everything related to the Egyptian side’s dealings with the Libyan crisis.

They explained that the primary goal of the Libyan delegation’s visit is direct contact with the Egyptian side, which is going vigorously to change some of Cairo’s convictions, with constant concern about the presence of the Turkish and Syrian mercenaries, with the delegation trying to communicate with officials in Egypt to make a breakthrough in the political process .

As for the unannounced goals – the source adds – it is an attempt to disrupt the meeting hosted by Morocco between the delegation chosen by the Speaker of Parliament, Agila Saleh, and the delegation assigned by the Head of the High Council of State, Khaled Al-Mishri.

While further goals are somehow clear for the visit, the most important of which is the attempt to gather the dissolution of the House of Representatives again and strengthen the High Council of State, and it is certain, according to the source, that the Head of the Government of National Accord and its ministers are not represented in the delegation heading to Cairo, referring to leaks that reported the inclusion of Al-Sarraj’s advisor, Taj Al-Din Al-Razaki – according to the source’s description of 218.

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