218News publishes Audit Bureau’s report of 2018

After being kept secret away from public opinion and the media for two years, “218News ” has gotten an exclusive copy of parts of the 2018 report of the Audit Bureau of the House of Representatives held in Tobruk.

The report, which monitors the Libyan government’s expenditures from January to December 2018, included shocking violations at the level of the financial field, the exaggeration in the payment of bonuses, and the payment of sums of money on behalf of independent financial authorities.

The report was also filled with procedures for disbursements without the availability of full documentary support to prove the amount as the absence of a receipt.

Among the examples that illustrate these excesses are the checks obtained by the Al-Ahram Al-Akbar for General Supplies Company, where the financial value reached 1,437,775 dinars, without a permission for receipt.

Among the explicit violations of the concealed Audit Bureau report is the disbursement of sums of money without being approved by the disbursement order, as Al-Surour Company for Supply Commitments obtained a financial value of 2,800,000 dinars, in violation of Article 18 of the Budget.

Hotel reservations and restaurant bills have also involved millions in exchange violations, as the Bureau’s report monitored the repeated disbursement of a financial value for a bill presented by a restaurant with a value of 34.000 dinars, which had been paid in favor of a hotel without any right, according to the expression of the Audit Bureau’s report.

Violations recorded in the report

Exaggeration in expenses on subsistence and exceeding the value of Resolution No. 406 of 2018, which was based on the disbursement process for more than three times, as it stipulated covering financial requirements related to cooked, fresh and dry supplies of 30 million dinars within a year only.

The shocking numbers that were mentioned in the report were related to the financial covenant without a decision to spend them and determine the purpose of their disbursement.

Among the examples set forth in the report is the spending of a financial pledge three times in succession to the Director of the Financial Department, with a total value of more than 667.000 dinars, within a year without specifying the purpose.

The report also recorded huge exaggerations in the prices of importing cars, as Al-Barq Company imported a Toyota with a value of nearly half a million without specifying the date of manufacture, not recording the data of the recipient, and not indicating the car’s features.

Among the observations recorded in the report, money was disbursed to people as bonuses for non-workers with varying values ​​reaching 3 thousand dinars per month, and some of these bonuses were disbursed to non-Libyan people, and the report listed the names of some people who received these monthly bonuses.

The report listed the names of ministers in the Libyan government who obtained an illegal financial pledge, considering it as an expense, and classifying it on independent budgets.

This comes amid increasing protests and demonstrations that extend in western, eastern and southern Libya, demanding accountability for the corrupt and providing basic services such as electricity, water and liquidity.

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