“Constitution Dilemma” is top on the challenges list of the new UN envoy to Libya

The Head of the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA), Noah Abdelsayed, said that at this stage, they must push for the referendum on the draft constitution, so that Libya gets its own independent constitution.

Abdelsayed added that the new UN envoy should demand that the Security Council approve the draft constitution drafted by the CDA for a period of five years, provided that elections take place based on the constitution.

In a related context, Nadia Omran, a member of the CDA, reaffirmed that the tasks of the new UN envoy are to consolidate the ceasefire and enter into a specific dialogue to he held for the House of Representatives and the High Council of State, to pave the way for putting the draft constitution to a referendum and holding parliamentary and presidential elections based on its provisions.

The member of the CDA stressed that the UN mission should exclude the idea of ​​entering another transitional phase with the same tensions and disagreements, in order to avoid entering into conflicts over the personalities and the method of their selection, as well as the extent of the legitimacy of their representation of the Libyan people, and not to repeat the approach taken by the United Nations Mission in Libya in the past two years, according to Sputnik.


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