Sowan: Egypt is one of the most important Libya stakeholders

The Head of the Justice and Construction Party, Mohamed Sowan, welcomed the statement issued by the meeting of the committee in charge of following up the Libyan file in the Egyptian government with some Libyan parties, which stressed the need to consolidate the ceasefire and push the political process under the supervision of the United Nations.

Sowan explained in a series of tweets, saying: “Whatever the difference with Egypt is in its positions on the Libyan crisis, it remains one of the most important actors concerned with the stability of Libya and the Libyan affairs in general, in addition to the historical relations and intertwining interests between the two peoples.”

The Head of the Justice and Construction Party called on the Egyptian government to play an effective and “positive” role towards establishing stability in Libya.

“We stress the importance of what was mentioned in the statement, especially with regard to the unity and sovereignty of Libya. We also provides full support to the UN mission to avoid creating parallel paths that may disperse local and international efforts aimed at resolving the crisis.” He said.


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