Oil deal sparks disputes among GNA and Presidential Council members

The recent announcement made by the Commander in Chief of the Libyan National Army, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar; concerning the resumption of oil production after an agreement with the deputy in the Presidential Council, Ahmed Maitiq, has ​​created a state of chaos within the Government of National Accord, the High Council of State and the House of Representatives based in Tripoli.

Tensions increased due to the influence and repercussions of the August 23 movement and the position on the political dialogues that took place recently.

A sharp disagreement sparked by “Maiteq” with his understandings with the General Command about oil revenues, public debt, the salary payments and the budget of the two governments.

This step bothered parties in Tripoli, including the Head of the High Council of State, who expressed his disagreement with the understandings that happened; demanding to investigate what happened, as well as the representatives who left parliament in Tobruk and Benghazi and moved to Tripoli without being recognized until this moment, plus those who stated that the agreement was outside the framework of political consensus (Libyan Political Agreement).

The Head of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, has not issued an announced position until now. However, Bloomberg reported that Al-Sarraj rejected the understandings that had been made.

Among the manifestations of disagreement and chaos, the deputy in the Presidency Council, Ahmed Maitiq, was prevented from going out to a press conference in the city of Misurata during which he clarified the details of what happened to the public opinion.

He did not move alone, but was driven by some of the currents active in the western region, where one of them spoke, Hassan Shaba, member of the delegation participating in the recent Cairo meetings, and said that “Haftar” fulfilled the promise despite the noise of the Brotherhood and their prevention of Ahmed Maitiq from landing in Sirte. The oil money will not go to the Brotherhood again.


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