NOC: Libya’s oil production to reach 260.000 bpd

The Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) said that expectations indicate that the total oil production in the country will reach about 260.000 barrels per day by next week, after the resumption of operations at the fields and refineries.

The NOC said in a statement that “the gradual return of national engineers and users to their sites, in the safe fields and ports, to start production operations as a first step, from the ports of Harika and Buraiqa, and as a second step for the rest of the ports, as determined by the security and safety reports.”

It pointed out that “export arrangements have started from the safe ports, and the tankers will arrive consecutively as of September 23 to ship the available crude in the tanks during the next 72 hours and the rest of the safe ports in the next few days.”

“It is estimated that the total production during the next week will reach about 260 thousand barrels per day.” NOC  added.

On September 18, the General Command decided to resume production and export of oil in the country, according to an agreement that followed internal negotiations with the Vice President of the Government of National Accord, Ahmed Maitiq.

The National Oil Corporation decided to lift the force majeure on the secure oil fields and ports that are free of armed groups.


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