One of Benghazi demonstrations’ organizers tells details of the protests

Ramzi Al-Jadi, one of the organizers of the demonstration to “save Libya from corruption and the corrupt”, revealed that corruption in Libya is legal, and it has been approved by legislative bodies in Libya since 2013 through decisions that legalize corruption.

Al-Jadi explained, in his speech to the “Live Program” on 218News that corruption in Libya has turned into a “profit” by “shedding the blood of the Libyans”, and by draining public money.

Ramzi Al-Jadi, speaking about the Benghazi demonstration against corruption, he indicated that Resolution 91 of 2013, in the budget transfer clause, according to Article 10 of the Budget Law, approved the transfer in one chapter not exceeding 50.000 dinars, and not more than three times a year.

This means that the transfer takes place in one chapter, from article to article, and Resolution 91 of 2013 legalized the transfer of 159 million dinars, from one chapter of the local government budget to a second government budget in another chapter, so it was stolen and lost, saying this is an example of corruption in Libya.

What happened in the Benghazi demonstration:

One of the organizers of the demonstration to save Libya from corruption and spoilers, Ramzi Al-Jadi, explained that the notification that the Ministry of Interior of the Libyan government was informed of, that the date of the demonstration was four o’clock in the evening, and that they had already found the security personnel on the specified date, through a security cordon they prepared to protect the demonstration.

They protected the demonstration and the demonstrators, but they found elements present at the place of the demonstration, who did not like the demands of the movement and the demands of the demonstration, and that after what happened, the organizers of the demonstration held a meeting, in which they agreed that we did not confiscate any opinion expressing his position or opinion, in order to avoid any confusion that might happen, or that it is a demonstration supported by a certain party.

Al-Jadi confirmed that they prepared the demands of the demonstration in banners with the slogan of the demonstration, so that their demands are shown in a coordinated and clear manner to all. And that the security men intervened after others entered with slogans other than the slogans of the demonstration, to separate the two groups, adding that as the organizers of the demonstration, they maintained that it did not go beyond its peacefulness.

Ramzi Al-Jadi suggested in his speech to Live, on 218NEWS, that the motives of those who went out against the demonstration were individual or supported by some party, or from corruption “mercenaries”.

The demands of the demonstration are clear against corruption:

One of the organizers of the demonstration to save Libya from corruption and the spoilers renewed that their demands were clear, and that he defies anyone who comes with a banner raised with the slogan of the demonstration, whether it was against the general leadership or against the army institution, or it was supporting a political movement, or in this context.

Al-Jadi explained that when they started this movement, they agreed on three main goals, and everyone who agrees with us on these goals we consider part of the demonstration.

Ramzi Al-Jadi confirmed that they would have expelled any slogan against the military establishment, or promoted any particular trend, which will certainly be expelled, although we are against exclusion, but we have defined the demands of the demonstration, which are against corruption and fighting the corrupt.

The kidnapping of Rabie Al-Arabi:

One of the organizers of the demonstration to save Libya from corruption and the spoilers indicated that what happened to the young man participating in the demonstration, was his kidnapping by people within the area of ​​the demonstration’s security, and that eyewitnesses saw that there were people who took him in a car and disappeared with him, and after investigation and tracking we learned that the young man Rabei al-Arabi He did not return to his home after the demonstration, and the way the young man was taken suggests that it was a kidnapping.

Al-Jadi explained that the young man, Rabi` al-Arabi, did not ride in the car with his desire and satisfaction, meaning that he was taken to the car, and they contacted the security services, and they are working to collect information and inference, and that they cooperated in collecting information greatly with the security services, and that his family opened a report. The security services are trying to find the kidnappers and to know the whereabouts of the young man Rabei Al-Arabi.


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