Italian fishermen detained in Libya referred to Military Prosecution

Another development in the issue of the Italian fishermen detained by the Coast Guard forces of the Libyan National Army off the coast of Benghazi has surfaced as they have been referred to the military prosecutor.

According to what was reported by the Italian “Nova” news agency, citing Brigadier General Muhammad Al-Warshafani of the National Army, the fishermen were referred to the Military Prosecution, where they will be referred to the Military Court in Benghazi next month as the court is slated to prosecute them on charges of entering and fishing in Libyan waters without prior permission.

This comes after several attempts by the Italian government to release the fishermen, and the army refused to do so before releasing young men from Benghazi who were sentenced by the Italian authorities to 30 years in prison on charges of human trafficking.

On his part; Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio announced that his country is working to re-negotiate the agreement with Libya on the coast guard on the human rights issue, apparently referring to the detained fishermen in Benghazi.

Anticipation continues to dominate the situation between the fate of young people sentenced to prison and fishermen facing charges of infiltrating territorial waters.


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