Italian politician urges for tough measures to free detained fishermen in Benghazi

Saverio Romano, the leader of the Italian “Cantieri Popolari” party, which is allied with the opposition “Forza Italia” party, called for the need to take strong measures to free the fishermen of “Matzara del Vallo” detained in Benghazi.

Romano announced on his Facebook page, “The families of the 18 fishermen detained in Libya since the first of last September have decided to occupy the municipality of Matzara del Vallo as of today,” according to the Italian news agency AKI.

The leader of the Italian “Cantieri Popolari” party quoted the families of the fishermen, “The aim of this gesture is to move the government to find a solution to free the fishermen,” accused of crossing Libyan waters and transporting drugs on board the fishing boats, “wondering what prevents the Italian government from taking this seriously? ”

The leader of the Italian party asked a question about human rights organizations, saying: “Where are the associations defending human rights? Don’t you want to wake up? Can we continue suffering from laziness? Let the regional government intervene through every channel of communication or with provocative actions. ”

Saverio Romano called for cutting “the (Green Stream) pipeline, to make Italy aware of this disgrace!”


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