NOC lifts force majeure on Libya’s largest oil field: Sharara

The National Oil Corporation announced the lifting of the force majeure of Sharara field, the largest oilfield in Libya, starting Sunday.

The NOC confirmed in a statement that it had reached an agreement that obligates the Petroleum Facilities Guards to end all obstacles facing the Sharara field, in order to ensure that there are no security breaches, so that the NOC can lift force majeure and start production at the field.

The NOC stated that it had instructed Acacus to initiate production arrangements and to observe safety and public safety standards and process safety.

218News learned from an official source working in the “Sharara” field, that the foreign partner, “Spanish Repsol – Acacus”, operating the “Sharara” field, the largest oil field in Libya with “320.000 barrels per day”, had sent three independent security experts early this month: Spanish, Libyan and Iraqi nationals; to assess the security situation as the firm had previously refused to restart it; under the pretext of the presence of armed men.


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