International community hails arrest of ICC-wanted human trafficker Al Bidja

The international community has welcomed the decision to arrest Abdel-Rahman Milad, known as “Al Bidja,” who is accused of smuggling fuel and people and is on the UN sanctions list.

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya welcomed this step, considering the arrest as a major step towards accountability, the rule of law and the dismantling of criminal networks, stressing the need for a fair, transparent and speedy trial for Bidja and all individuals currently detained in pretrial detention.

Meanwhile, the Head of the European Union’s mission in Libya, José Sabadell, said that the arrest of “Bidja ”, in addition to the inclusion of the name of “Prigozhin”  associated with the operations of the Russian “Wagner” group in the European Union Council sanctions regime, are two important events for the future of Libya. It added that the arrest of “Bidja” is a sign of an attempt to strengthen the rule of law.

The US ambassador also congratulated the Minister of the Interior of the Government of National Accord, in a telephone call, on this achievement, reiterating his country’s support for the rule of law.

The Netherlands welcomed the arrest of a human trafficker, “the bidja”, confirming that he is one of six traffickers listed by the UN Security Council in 2018, according to an initiative led by the Netherlands at the time, stressing that it is an important step to end immunity and strengthen accountability in Libya.

Likewise, the French embassy in Libya welcomed this decision, stressing its relentless pursuit of combating human trafficking crimes in Libya and around the world, which is the same decision that the United Kingdom welcomed, describing it as “an important step in efforts to end impunity and enhance accountability.”

The German ambassador to Libya, Oliver Owcza, welcomed the arrest of “Al Bidja”, expressing his hope for the implementation of a transparent judicial procedure indicating adherence to the rule of law and determination to combat human rights violations.


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