Misurata’s Muslim Brotherhood members resign from the group, similar to Al-Zawiya members

Members of the “Muslim Brotherhood” group from the city of “Misurata” announced their group resignation from the organization.

In a statement posted to them online; the resigned members affirmed that this step means dissolving the organization in the city of “Misurata”; and they referred to what they described as “the procrastination of the group’s leadership and its obstruction to the implementation of the revisions and correction that the group’s members reached at their tenth conference held in 2015.”

The members of the group emphasized that the temporal context in which the group arose and the temporal development in the environment and reality of the scene must be reinterpreted and corrected, a thing that was not achieved by the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya.

This resignation came about two months after the resignation of members of the “Muslim Brotherhood” group in the city of Al-Zawiya.

Al-Zawiya Muslim Brotherhood, in a statement, justified their resignation by what they described as procrastinating in implementing changes made by the group after revisions in 2015, which aimed to give priority to “the interests of the nation and the citizens.”

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