Tripoli Protection Force criticizes GNA Interior Minister after his Egypt’s visit

The Tripoli Protection Force described the condemnation of the Minister of Interior in the Government of National Accord of the arrest of eastern Libyan residents at Mitiga International Airport as surprising.

In a statement, the force explained that it had followed up on the visits made by Bashagha to several countries, the last of which was the Egypt.

“The Tripoli Protection Force followed the many visits by the“ Minister of Interior ”to several countries, the last of which was the state of Egypt. This is with his surprising statement about the condemnation of the arrest of residents at Mitiga airport.”

The Tripoli Protection Force asked about the money spent in the Ministry of the Interior, “Is the Minister of Interior who wasted money on his ministry, has not yet been able to access it to the professionalism that enables him to obtain information before the accident? How, then, if there was no incident and he quickly denounced it?. This was after reviewing the reporting records of all the security services.

Regarding the foreign trips of the Minister of Interior in the Government of National Accord, the force asked, “Who authorized the minister to all those visits, especially his recent visit to the Arab Republic of Egypt, after all that happened during the past year?”

The Tripoli Protection Force statement added, “How can a Minister Plenipotentiary of the Interior do the work of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the rest of the ministries, and even the work of the Prime Minister without referring to anyone?”

The statement of the Tripoli Protection Force continued, speaking about Bashagha, “His Excellency the minister, who seems to have distracted him from the race to reach the premiership, has forgotten his basic job in the political scene for its sake and turned it into a tool that paves the way for him to achieve his dreams … the command that many people resent and deny to many personalities. And the leaders are even from his city of Misurata .. So are the silence of the rest of the leaders and people of the capital of the martyrs, Misurata, considered an approval of what the minister is doing these days in forgetting all those false promises and saving all time and effort in order to achieve his goal alone?

In its statement, the Tripoli Protection Force was amazed at what it described as the intransigence of the UN mission, its adherence to the dialogue list, saying: “We are also surprised at the intransigence of the“ UN mission ”and its adherence to its list of dialogue rejected by the majority of the people .. This“ mission ”which has turned from a mediator between us to a ruler over us. And by that it exceeded the limited powers available for it.

The statement of the Tripoli Protection Force continued, speaking about the UN mission, “Here we mention this“ mission ”once again as an auxiliary factor. It is not entitled to impose a list that satisfies political parties and active states through its mediators and clients, and the representation of major cities such as the historical capital of the country is absent. In it there are those who represent the military and security forces … and there is no one in this dialogue that represents the decision of the Libyan people in the future of their country.

In its statement, the Tripoli Protection Force called on “all the security and military leaders, in addition to all the elites, mayors of municipalities and patriots of our proud people to hold emergency meetings and to demonstrate to stand against all these nonsense by a group of those involved in the bloodshed of Libyans and the plunder of their wealth … Our country will not survive a new transitional phase set by a group of representatives (agents) of states with interests in our country, and we will not be able to reach it to safety except through a dialogue (Libyan – Libyan) in which all the people participate without selection, favoritism, or exception.

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