Case of Gaddafi’s funding of former French President Sarkozy takes a U-turn

The main witness in the case of “Gaddafi” financing for the campaign of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Ziad Taqi al-Din, announced that he has withdrawn his accusations against “Sarkozy”, saying that there was no funding for Sarkozy’s presidential campaign.

Media reports indicated that “Taqi al-Din”, who sought refuge in Lebanon, fleeing the prosecution of French justice regarding another funding case, said that he had accused “Sarkozy” in response to a special situation and that he had to declare what the judges were expecting from him at the time.

“Taqi al-Din” claimed that he had delivered five million euros from Tripoli to “Sarkozy” in 2006 and 2007, but he denied this after years of prosecution, saying that the judge really wanted to change the matter the way he wanted and make him say things that completely contradict what he mentioned in the testimony, confirming that there was no funding for “Sarkozy” electoral campaign.

“Sarkozy” had written on “Facebook” that for a period of seven and a half years, the investigation did not reveal any evidence of any illegal financing at all, indicating that “Taqi al-Din” did not hand over the funds to him, rejecting the accusations against him about financing of Gaddafi for his campaign in 2007, saying that he would direct his lawyer to reject the case against him and to prosecute Taqi al-Din for defamation.

Since 2018, Sarkozy has faced investigations into accepting bribes, taking advantage of embezzled public funds and illegal financing of his election campaign.

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