US House of Representatives passes “Libya Stabilization Act”

The US House of Representatives decided to pass the draft “Libya Stability Act”, after presenting the bill for approval, as part of the steps to impose sanctions on foreign parties that interfere in the Libyan affairs.

Congressman and Head of the Middle East, North Africa and International Terrorism Subcommittee, Ted Deutsch, said in a tweet on Twitter that the House of Representatives approved today the “Libya Stability Act.”

He explained that this law, which he prepared with Representative Joe Wilson, aims to support diplomacy, provide assistance, strengthen procedures related to holding elections, and punish all parties that move in the direction of igniting conflicts.

The senator pointed out that the law obliges the United States to play a more influential role at the diplomatic level to end the conflict and support efforts that provide humanitarian aid and raise the value of democratic governance, civil society and future elections, while giving sufficient opportunity to improve the financial management of the public sector in Libya, especially the Central Bank and the National Oil Corporation.


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