EU’s Operation IRINI continues work off Libyan coast

Forces affiliated with European Union’s Operation IRINI searched last Wednesday a merchant ship, that departed from Alexandria in implementation of the relevant Security Council resolutions on the arms embargo.

According to the official website of the operation, Saturday, forces affiliated with Operation IRINI boarded the cooperative merchant ship (MV SERRANO) and were searched in implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolutions 2292 issued in (2016) and 2526 issued this year regarding the arms embargo imposed on Libya, explaining that the ship MV SERRANO is a general cargo ship flying the flag of Panama, adding that it set off from Alexandria on November 17, heading to Tobruk.

The Greek frigate “Adrias” team examined the ship and made sure of its available documents, and searched the ship in international waters, about 42 nautical miles northeast of the port of Tobruk.

It added that nothing suspicious was found on board the ship and the official operation website indicated that the process went smoothly, confirming that the inspection was done in a cooperative manner with the captain and crew.

It is noteworthy that the main task of Operation IRINI is to implement the arms embargo through the use of air, sea and satellite assets in order to support the process of establishing stability and peace in Libya.

The operation has the ability to conduct inspections of ships on the high seas off the Libyan coast, which are suspected of carrying weapons, materials or equipment in violation of the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.


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