Libya’s NOC headquarters in Tripoli attacked by armed group

The Petroleum Facilities Guard foiled Monday an attempt to storm the headquarters of the National Oil Corporation in Tripoli, by an armed group that tried to enter through the back fence.

The NOC said in a statement that the armed group carried out some chaotic behavior outside the fence, including preparing to shoot, which prompted the Petroleum Facilities Guard, with the support of a force affiliated to the Ministry of Interior, to intervene and thwart the attempt, confirming that no human or material damage occurred.

The NOC indicated in its statement that one of the senior officials working in the NOC had received a threat this morning, suggesting that the attack may be related to the incident, indicating that it had taken all legal measures and referred the file to the Attorney General’s office to begin investigation.

The NOC praised the role of the Petroleum Facilities Guard, The Ministry of Defense and the Protection Force of the Ministry of the Interior, which all played role in protecting the NOC headquarters and defending its workers.


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