Pfizer and BioNTech start registering Covid-19 vaccine in Europe

“Pfizer” and “BioNTech” have submitted an application to register a vaccine for the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) with the European Union, a step that, if adopted, would mean starting to use the vaccine on the European continent level until the end of the year.

The results of the final analysis of the clinical trials of the vaccine developed by the American company “Pfizer” and the German “BioNTech”, revealed an efficacy estimated at 95%.

Last November, Reuters revealed that vaccine developers are planning to submit an emergency permit request to start production within days.

The company stated that the recent clinical trials of the vaccine included 40,000 participants, during which limited side effects appeared, which did not exceed two days.

The company is expected to continue collecting data on the vaccine over the next two years.


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