Governor of Tripoli-based Central Bank: Bashagha banned me from travel, hindered unifying exchange rate

The governor of the Central Bank in Tripoli, Al-Siddiq al-Kabir, filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office against the Minister of Interior of the Government of National Accord, Fathi Bashagha.

In his complaint, Al-Kabir indicates that he was surprised that his name was included in the list of those banned from traveling by order of “Bashagha”, pointing out that he discovered that Thursday, when he was going on an official mission outside Libya.

The Governor of the Central Bank said that what the Minister of Interior did is considered “behavior outside the law and infringement upon a sovereign institution affiliated with the legislative authority, as well as obstruction to efforts made to unify the exchange rate and reconcile the Board of Directors of the Central Bank,” according to what was stated in the letter addressed to the Office of the Attorney General.

What highlights the questions about the mysteries of the new rift in the “GNA” camp is the fact that this complaint coincides with a tweet posted by “Bashagha” revealing internal reviews conducted by his ministry and an audit of about three billion dinars, in the context of the war against corruption.

In a series of tweets about what he described as the “scourge of corruption”, the minister stated that the Department of Combating Financial Crimes and Money Laundering at the Ministry of Interior is currently investigating suspicions of corruption, the value of which, according to initial estimates, amounts to about 1.7 billion dinars.

Bashagha pointed out that corruption is a scourge that threatens the present and future of any country, stressing the commitment of the Ministry of Interior to fight corruption, prosecute money laundering crimes, and its determination to prosecute those involved in these crimes, whoever they are, vowing to take the necessary measures against them whenever the required evidence is available.

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