Bashagha reveals a massive upcoming attack on human traffickers and extremists in Libya

The Minister of Interior in the Government of National Accord, Fathi Bashagha, revealed an upcoming “major attack” by the GNA forces to eliminate militants and human traffickers in the western region.

Bashagha told the Associated Press that Turkey had already pledged to support the attack, calling on the United States to support the next operation in Libya’s west.

Bashagha warned that extremists had regained a foothold during the National Army’s attempt to seize Tripoli.

Regarding the armed groups that follow the Government of National Accord, Bashagha said that he intends to address the problem by identifying the groups that must be disarmed and those that can be absorbed in the security services.

He said he had problems implementing the plan, claiming that some groups were allied with other officials in Tripoli and were controlling some institutions, such as the intelligence service.

GNA Interior Minister expressed his hope that achieving stability in his war-torn country would become a top priority for the Biden administration.

He added that he would be ready to take over the position of prime minister in the unity government that has not yet been formed, which could result from the ongoing Libyan political dialogue forum.

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