218News reveals brigades targeted by Bashagha’s “Operation Snake Hunt”

A source revealed to “218News”, that Operation “Snake Hunt”, which will be launched by the Ministry of Interior in the “Government of National Accord”; is based on five points, the most important of which is the dismantling of the armed formations classified by the Ministry with outlaw groups, in addition to human and fuel smugglers, as well as drug dealers.

The source added that the joint deterrence and intervention force in Abu Salim, headed by Abdul Ghani al-Kikli “Aghniwa”, and the “Al-Nawasi” brigade, commanded by Mustafa Qaddour, are primarily targeted in this operation, saying that they are two brigades classified, according to the Interior Ministry of the GNA, as “outlaw armed groups”.

The operation also targets the armed formations in the city of Al-Zawiya, including the first security support force headed by Muhammad Salem Bahroun, nicknamed “Al-Far”, who is wanted by the Public Prosecutor, according to the source.

In December 2019, the Ministry of Interior had requested from the Al-Zawiya  Security Directorate toreintegrate the force and nominate qualified officers to assume the duties of the division, in reference to its rejection of the violations committed by “Al-Far”, especially in the incident of the arrest of Major General Pilot Amer Al-Jaqim.

The source stated that in addition to the deterrent force in Abu Salim, the Al-Nawasi Brigade and the First Support Division; The operation will target the “55” battalion, led by Muammar Al-Dawi, in the Warshafana area.


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