Al-Namroush: Interior Ministry has no relation to “Operation Volcano of Rage” forces

The Minister of Defense of the Government of National Accord, Salah Al-Namroush, confirmed that the work of the Ministry of Interior has nothing to do with the Ministry of Defense and the “Volcano of Rage” forces, stressing that the support forces will be integrated in appropriate ways.

Al-Namroush statements came during a meeting with the Chief of General Staff of the Government of National Accord, Lt. Gen. Mohammad Al-Haddad, with the commanders of the military battalions in the Western, Tripoli and the Central regions.

During the meeting, the attendees agreed to draw up a code of honor to be signed by all leaders, which stipulates that the battalions and forces will not collide with one other, regardless of the reason.

They also agreed to form a committee headed by the Minister of Defense, through which communication with the Presidential Council will take place to ensure that there is no clash between the interior and defense forces.


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