Paris hosts HoR Speaker, while Al-Sarraj visits Rome

These days, the political track is witnessing many hindrances, which are reflected in the movements of Libyan officials and their recent visits to European capitals: and of particular importance is the visit of “Al-Sarraj” to Rome and Paris’s hosting of “Aguila Saleh”.

These moves bring back the European countries involved in the Libyan file and overlooking the shores of Libya to play their role after their fading glow in the previous period at the expense of the Turkish and Russian role.

The French capital, Paris, was the scene of an official visit by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aguila Saleh, coinciding in timing with a visit by the Head of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, to the Italian capital, Rome, followed by a visit by his deputy, Ahmed Maiteeq.

These new visits, at a time when the political process is witnessing clear hindrances these days, raised questions about the objectives behind them and their feasibility in supporting efforts to end the conflict in Libya.

Meanwhile, observers of public affairs in Libya believe that Al-Sarraj’s visit to Rome is nothing but an attempt by the latter to obstruct the political dialogue and remain as the Head of the Presidential Council for another year. This explanation came after calls from within the circles of the Presidential Council, demanding “Al-Sarraj” to leave his post .

As for the visit of “Saleh”, who has been in touch a lot with the international community for months and is inclined to the French at a time when it is said that the Americans reject the idea of ​​”Saleh” being at the head of the new presidential council expected to be formed by the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, which is basically divided.

This brought inquiries by observers of Libyan public affairs about the desired benefit from this visit? Will it have any impact on trying to solve the dilemma of the political dialogue that finally hit a stalemate? Are they real attempts to perpetuate the institutional division and preserve the same faces?

The coming days remain the decisive factor in showing the truth of these speculations, which will, of course, be conceived with many answers to these questions.


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