Fears that “Operation Snake Hunt” would affect 5+5 JMC’s work

It seems that the challenges facing the work of the Joint Military Commission are a lot, considering that it derives its existence from the calmness of the scene of events which, even if it remains static; it will inevitably be in the interest of implementing any “5 + 5” outputs, despite the difficulty of the task.

Many observers have questioned the seriousness of achieving the goals set by the 5+5 military commission as many groups inside Libya are looking to turn back to war. The country has been complaining about war for years, and all attempts to create a peaceful  solution have not succeeded with it.

Among the obstacles or challenges to the work of the Joint Military Committee, which was based in Sirte, according to the opinion of observers, is that it collides with the plans decided by officials in the Government of National Accord, considering the “mosaic of the military map”, which can be confused very quickly.

Observers fear that the “Snake Hunt” operation, which was recently announced by the Minister of Interior, Fathi Bashagha; is the beginning of the collapse of everything, as the minister announced a process that affected his opponents, who refused and still refuse his presence as Minister of Interior, despite their fighting together against the Libyan National Army in the April 2019 war.

The security operation is aimed to target smugglers, human traffickers and outlaws, as it was called, yet it had caused anxiety in the hearts of many, and because of it, the commanders of the military regions affiliated with the GNA announced an agreement that their formations would not fight each other, in an attempt to limit the recently announced “Snake Hunt Operation”.

The aforementioned security operation, if it becomes a fait accompli, and this is not excluded, may not be a quick solution, and it may eliminate all endeavors by the military committee that wants a calm climate in the scene of military operations in the west, so that it can engineer the complex landscape and provide solutions and visions that converge the greatly changed reality in recent years.

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