218News reveals rebellion of Al-Harari and his threats to Internal Security Agency officers

“218News” is tracing the strings of tensions at the Internal Security Agency in Tripoli, starting with the appointment of the right arm of the Central Security Commander Abu Salim, “Lotfi al-Harari,” as head of the agency, who reached this position gradually with the armed formations.

“218News” learned that the President of the Presidency Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, passed the appointment decision under pressure that reached the level of “threat” from parties that were not mentioned by the source, who revealed that “Al-Harari” began his duties as head of the apparatus by using the method of threatening against old and competent officers, and excluding elements who possessed a distinguished professional record throughout their tenure in the agency.

The state of rebellion unleashed by al-Harari in the corridors of the Internal Security Agency did not stop at this point, as he threatened anyone who refused to obey his instructions to imprisonment in Abu Salim, in addition to the threats made against the former head of the apparatus, Major General Rashid al-Rajbani.

Al-Harari issued a decision appointing his cousin, “Jalal Al-Qalali,” as director of the Security Department, which is the “backbone of the Internal Security Agency”, despite the fact that the latter does not possess the simplest elements to assume such a sensitive position, according to what was reported to “218News”.

The preliminary information obtained by “218News” indicates that “Al-Harari” prepared the files of 200 armed elements belonging to “Abdel-Hamid Al-Enezi”, known as “Al-Madghouta”, who is the commander of one of the prisons of “Ghaniwa”, to be assigned to the apparatus at once.

In September 2019, the Presidential Council issued a decision appointing Lotfi al-Harari as deputy head of the Internal Security Agency, and on the same day, the Council appointed Emad Mustafa Abdel Salam al-Trabelsi as deputy head of the Libyan intelligence service.

The Presidency Council introduced  Al-Harari to the joints of the administration of the apparatus, about a month after its main building in the Dribi district of Tripoli was attacked by one of the security brigades of the Government of National Accord.

Al-Harari’s promotion to being Head of the apparatus coincided with the naming of the commander of the Central Security Administration in Abu Salim, “Ghaniwa,” two days ago, as the head of the newly formed “stabilization support” apparatus, without introductions, raising many questions about the step.

218News learned that the apparatus was established after a recent meeting at the Bousta Naval Base, which included the Chairman of the Presidency Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, the Minister of Defense, Salah El-Din Al-Namroush, the Chief of the General Staff, Major General Muhammad Al-Haddad, and some leaders of armed formations, most notably the commander The Central Security Department in Abu Salim, the commander of the 166th battalion, Muhammad Al-Hussan, and the commander of the Al-Nawasi Brigade, Mustafa Qaddour.

The decision to form the apparatus angered the Minister of Interior, Fathi Bashagha, who is preparing to launch a security operation targeting several armed formations under the name “Snake Hunt”.

Among these formations are the Joint Deterrence and Intervention Force in Abu Salim, headed by “Ghaniwa”, and the “Al-Nawasi” Brigade and its commander, Mustafa Qaddour, who were present at the meeting to form a “stabilization support” body, as confirmed by 218News sources.


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