Important meeting to be held soon to continue 5+5 JMC work, Al-Sawsaa tells 218News

The Joint Military Committee emerging from the Geneva Ceasefire Agreement receives a lot of attention, especially after the end of the period specified for the exit of mercenaries from Libya.

The latest news related to the military committee, or the so-called “5 + 5” committee, was represented in the meeting held by the members with the countries sponsoring the Berlin Conference, where they explicitly requested the implementation of the outcomes of the Berlin Conference, regarding the military aspect and the exit of foreign forces, and the activation of the ban on the supply of weapons, plus sanctions on spoilers, whether they are individuals or entities.

The Military Prosecutor and a member of the Joint Military Committee, Major General, Faraj Al-Sawsaa, told “218News” that they are in complete agreement within the committee, and are determined to enable the joint security force formed after the Hurghada talks to deploy on the coastal road.

Al-Sawsaa indicated to 218News that they would hold an important meeting on 04 February to discuss practical details and main steps to open the coastal road, stressing that they insist that the Libyan National Army be the only party entitled to armed presence inside Libyan territory.

With regard to the file of armed formations, Al-Sawsaa said that the committee is carrying out its work in this regard to address the process of disarmament, integration and demobilization.

He added: “The General Command of the National Army has directives that it is necessary to find a solution for the militants and integrate them in state institutions, and to create other horizons for them, away from the battlefields and the charged atmosphere.

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