218News reveals Al-Harari’s defiance against Al-Sarraj and his dubious relationship with Al-Nawasi

After his controversial appointment decision, the Head of the Internal Security Agency, “Lotfi Al-Harari”, continues his rebellion under the umbrella of his new position, and this time he attacked the Head of the Presidency Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, who passed the order of his appointment to the Head of the Agency under pressure that reached the point of threat, according to what 218 sources learned from a well-informed source .

218News also learned that Al-Harari interfered in determining the identity of the party in charge of securing Al-Sarraj, and replaced the group that was concerned with this task and led by Brigadier General Omar Zayed with another force affiliated with Al-Nawasi, despite the Presidency Council’s refusal to take this step.

The same source described the assignment of this task to the force from “Al-Nawasi” and excluding other formations close to Al-Harari as a “suspicious point.”

218News revealed the details of a chaotic situation that AAl-Harari caused as soon as he assumed his duties as head of the apparatus, as he used the method of threatening against old and competent officers, and excluded elements who had a prominent professional record throughout their tenure in the agency.

The state of rebellion unleashed by Al-Harari in the corridors of the Internal Security Agency did not stop at this point, as he threatened anyone who refused to obey his instructions with imprisonment in Abu Salim, in addition to making threats to the former head of the apparatus, Major General Rashid Al-Rajbani.


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