Aboul Gheit calls for supporting Libyans to complete political transition

The Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, called for continuing to stand with Libyans who are still suffering from division, in order to enable them to complete the benefits of the political transition process, implement the ceasefire agreement, and set a roadmap to bring the country to the stage of holding presidential and legislative elections.

In his speech during the opening session of the ninth meeting of general cooperation between the League of Arab States and the African Union, Aboul Gheit called for promoting joint action and complementary activity to settle disputes and crises in the joint Arab-African area and address existing or emerging tensions in other locations in the region, appreciating the role of the African Union in resolving many conflicts.

The last meeting between the Arab and African sides was held in Malabo, the capital of Guinea, in November 2016.

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