Source to 218News: Unidentified force storms Tawerghans camp, detains two men

An unknown armed group consisting of “20” cars – on Monday afternoon – stormed a camp for the Tawergha residents in the city of Tripoli – according to what a source reported to 218News.

The source said that all the masked gunmen drove dark cars and did not carry the logos of any official party, adding that they were armed with light and medium weapons, including pistols, Kalashnikovs, anti-aircraft machine guns, and PKT.

The source added that other civilian cars of various types, unspecified in number, lined up at the camp gate, while the armed elements closed the entrance to the camp, prevented entry to and exit from the camp, and searched a large number of displaced people living in there, entering families’ rooms and uttering swear words.

The armed elements arrested two young Tawerghans residing in the displacement camp, “Akram Wanis Qasuma” and “Khamis Mari Qasuma” – according to the source – and took them to an unknown destination.

The source added that gunfire was heard as the gunmen drove to the road of Dribi roundabout, while it is believed that the armed elements were from the internal security.

The camp committee and one of the relatives of the arrested men contacted one of the authorities and they were informed that no one knows the party that sent the intruders and there was no information about the detainees.

Hours later, the Interior Ministry said a gang formation that blew up the Naval Academy, in which the commander of the academy was killed, was detained, accusing the two Tawerghans, who were kidnapped from the camp by a battalion belonging to Ghaniwa al-Kikli according to the information provided by the source to 218, of carrying out the blast.

The Ministry of Interior of the Government of National Accord has not commented on the incident yet and no official statement has been issued.


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