Al-Bilad Program reviews unification of Libyan Airlines Company

On Wednesday, “Al-Bilad” program discussed on 218News the file of resuming flights between Benghazi and Tripoli on board Libyan Airlines after a long suspension, and the unification of the company’s general management.

The Chairman of the Libyan African Holding Company “Benghazi” Ezz El-Din Al-Harari said: “This is a great event. This is a Libyan-Libyan event through which we were able to unify efforts for the Libyan Airlines Company, bearing the national emblem, this parent company that was established or was formed before Arab countries were formed.”

He added: “The problem of this company was in three departments in the Eastern Province, and that was a great challenge for the holding company to unify this firm, and the efforts resulted in one board of directors, headed by Mr. Hamid who is proactive and members of the Board of Directors, and we got out of the dilemma of the administrative, financial and legal division. The company is exhausted by litigation and steering committees.”

Regarding the details of unifying the efforts of the steering committees and the general management of Libyan Airlines, he said: “During the period in which I took over the board of directors of the holding in November 2019, we found two boards of directors and a steering committee in place, and since airlines companies are joint stock companies subject to the Commercial Activity Law No. (23), 2010. ; The steering committee was canceled thanks to the honorable brothers headed by the prime minister, and the board of directors was reconstituted through a general assembly. The airline is one of the companies in which the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors is not assumed except through a general assembly and a correct meeting in accordance with the law.”

He continued: “We have modified and placed the company in a correct legal and administrative framework, and this poses a challenge to the holding in a short period of time, and these efforts included the African company to organize and arrange its management legally.”

Good Efforts

Ezz El-Din Al-Harari points to the use of the National Planning Council as a neutral council to unify this institution and its ability to communicate with all parties.

The National Planning Council met with several parties in Tripoli, Benghazi and Misrata; In order to bridge the points of view and clarify that this plane flies in the eastern region to transport the sick and wounded, and that the company is a shareholding company and is not funded by the public treasury, and that the detention of this plane has cost a lot of losses, the inability to pay the salaries of the employees, and the inability of the company to pay its obligations .

Al-Harari did not forget to thank all the efforts of the charitable people who supported the efforts of the National Planning Council, and a solution was reached, which is the take-off of this plane from the city of Misurata to Tripoli for maintenance, and it was agreed to unify the company.

He added: “To the secretariat there was cooperation from the director of the company in Tripoli, who took sides in the interest of the employees and the company, which split and became unable to pay the company’s salaries east, west, and south.”

Consolidation of Holding Company 

Ezz El-Din Al-Harari wen on: “The holding efforts emanating from the Libyan government are proceeding to unify this sector and place it in the front ranks thanks to the will and determination, and to assist the boards of directors in the Libyan and African lines and handling by providing support and aid. The field, as we have the full infrastructure in the Libyan Airlines of expertise, qualifications and competitive air crews.”

Concerning the issue of unifying the holding company, he said: “This is possible, we are with any process of consolidation of institutions, with anything that organizes this sector and makes it within its framework the law and to get out of legal and administrative disputes, we will work with it.”

Complicated Work

The Head of the Governance Office of the Holding Company in Tripoli, Milad Al-Hajrasi said: “This achievement came after several efforts that lasted about six months; For the sake of resuming flights between the East and the West, and thanks to the holding company in the western and eastern regions, which contributed to the opening of the airports, the work was complicated, but praise be to God we were able to achieve the goal, and our efforts culminated today with a visit to the city of Benghazi and the return of the airlines plane to the city.”

He added: “It is true that we were living in force majeure, but now we are moving towards unifying our institutions and working under one government in one presidential council. Therefore, the unification of companies and institutions is only a matter of time, but the fundamental issues are the obstacle and we are talking about the suspension of salaries of employees in the airline company for a year and more. , Airlines have been subjected to successive wars that have exhausted the infrastructure and damaged their fleet, in addition to the unjust Arab and European embargo that prevented our planes from flying over their airspace, in addition to the Corona pandemic, and thus matters worsened, and the sector has become threatened with a complete absence of state support.”

The head of the Civil Aviation Authority, Abdul Hamid al-Barasi Al-Madani, referred to the great efforts of Al-Hajrasi at a time when things were difficult and tension was existing.

He added: “These efforts are Libyan and far from the work of international organizations.”

Al-Barassi demanded that all Libyan state institutions move towards uniting their efforts under one administration.

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