House of Representatives session for endorsing unity government: Eyes on Sirte

A session of the House of Representatives is expected to be held for the vote on granting confidence to the new executive authority.

This comes after the visit of Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah to Tobruk and his meeting with Speaker Aqila Saleh, after which issues differed whether the session will be held in Sirte or in Sabratha.

The Parliament Member, Aisha al-Tablqi, explained in statements to Sputnik that the upcoming session will most likely take place in the city of Sirte, which has the support of the United Nations and a number of deputies, headed by Parliament Speaker Aqila Saleh.

Al-Tablqi indicated that “Parliament has contacted the 5 + 5 Joint Military Commission, and they have formed a committee in this regard awaiting its acceptance or not, as it is responsible for securing the session.”

These statements coincided with questions raised by the various elites and circles about the time periods. The first is to form and announce the government, which will end within specific days, and the other to present it to the MPs, who need an additional 21 days to give it confidence in a plenary session in the presence of the Presidency Council.

While it appears that the MPs who called for the Sabratha session have logistical and security concerns in holding the session in Sirte, considering that the city is not ready to receive this number of MPs to hold sessions and the other for fear of being besieged by security forces from armed groups supporting one of the parties to the conflict.

These expectations come at a time when the southern bloc of MPs is reluctant to participate, demanding the re-election of the parliament presidency, so that the position is part of the share of the south, and here it appears that the representatives of the southern region will be an important difference to hold any session, whether in Sabratha or Sirte, so that the legal number will be completed with the presence of the speaker or one of his deputies to give confidence to the new government, which would unify state institutions and prepare for the upcoming elections and improve citizen conditions.


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