Mutassim Gaddafi’s son surfaces at a Maltese court amid battle for €90m inheritance

218News learned from an exclusive source that the late Muatassim Gaddafi has a child from the Dutch model “Lisa Van Goinga” who was born on February 4, 2012, a few months after his father’s death.

According to the source, the lawyer for the Gaddafi family, “Charlos Oconomopoulos,” is leading a legal battle in Malta to release 90 million euros frozen in Mutassim Gaddafi’s account in Valletta Bank, due to suspicions surrounding the source of this money and its being the property of the Libyan state.

During the last court sessions, the lawyer revealed documents issued by a Dutch court to prove the marriage of Muatassim Gaddafi from Lisa, who has now a 10-year-old Gaddafi child, according to the source.

Since 2015, that is, about 6 years ago, the lawyer has been trying to obtain a judicial decision to release the money and go to the heirs of Muatasim Gaddafi, who are his son and mother, Safia Farkash, who decided to give up her share in favor of her grandson, according to what 218News was told.

In the context of the continuing legal battle waged by the Gaddafi family to acquire the amount held in the Maltese bank, 218News will complete the publication of the remaining details of the story later on Wednesday.


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