218News reveals MPs’ bargaining for positions in Dbeibah’s government

On Wednesday, the episode of the program “Al-Bilad” on “218news” discussed the bargaining of MPs in exchange for positions in the government of Mr. Abdul Hamid Dbeibah.

Bargaining by MPs

A member of the 75th Dialogue Committee, Ahmed al-Circassi, said, “There are a large number of deputies who are practicing a kind of blackmail on the new government in exchange for holding a full session.”

He said, “One of the two deputies of the Parliament Speaker stipulated that if he wanted to hold a session, he would personally appoint him as the head of intelligence, according to the road map, so that the prime minister would gain confidence from the House of Representatives.”

He continued: “In my conversation with Mr. Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, I told him that we have 13 electoral districts, and you have to create a government with 13 ministers, and each electoral district chooses the best. These ministries are formed by yourself so that they operate during this period of time that does not exceed eight months, because the next December 24th is a sacred thing.”

He added: “The local incubator, the international incubator and the political dialogue forum are watching closely to reach this date, and if it exceeds this date it will not last one day; People will go out on the street, and I told him that it is better for your exit to be honorable than the way Mr. Fayez Al-Sarraj will exit now.”

“Al-Circassi” stated: “If Dbeibah comes with a mini-government and technocrats, the number of which does not exceed 15 ministers and provides evidence that he will maintain our arrival to the date of next December 24, from this point of view the dialogue committee will give him confidence.”

Quota System

For his part, the person interested in political affairs, Osama Al-Kaza: read the political scene well. How will Dbeibah form his government in these exceptional circumstances that the country is going through? Therefore, it is difficult, in his personal opinion, for his government to be miniature and technocratic, as the 75th Committee hopes.

He believes that the initiative that was formed in Geneva is originally based on a quota system, and also an expanded government in the way that appeared in the leaks is very difficult, and in this case he can form a coalition government in which there is a kind of quotas with qualified people.

We ask him, will the divided parliament succeed in granting confidence to the new government? He says: First, to whom will Abdel Hamid Dabaiba present his formation? Is it for the parliament of Aqila Saleh who wants to hold a session in Sirte or the parliament of Tripoli or the parliament of Sabratha and also the 75th dialogue committee is in itself a parliament, we need a constitutional and legal solution that gets us out of any problems in the future? Mr. Aguila Saleh is adopting the government as the Speaker of Parliament, and that is the best solution in my opinion.

The constitutional path

The professor of international law, Sami Al-Atrash, explained that what is happening today are concise solutions, and the use of constitutional and legal terms, although we are in fact outside the legal system like any country in the world.

Al-Atrash blamed the UN mission for the futility that is happening, and for everything it does at the international and local levels. Therefore, the conversation will not be legal in any way, but rather a process far from that.

We ask him, what is the problem if the 75th Committee gives confidence to the Dabaiba government? He says: “This condition has no value, and in my opinion everyone wants to be a leader for this journey and have a position, and therefore there are no objective criteria. And in fact; It is impossible for a legislative body to represent the current situation. ”


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