Hours till Libyan unity government is formed

Decisive moments in the age of forming the new government, Prime Minister-elect Abdulal-Hamid  Dbeibah wants it to be the government of everyone, as he promised.

The deadline ends on Thursday, before the countdown begins. The second deadline for members of Parliament to agree on the government is via confidence voting, either accepting or rejecting the cabinet.

218News learned from a source familiar with the matter Wednesday that a number of MPs presented themselves as candidates to take up ministries and positions in the Dbeibah government, which contradicts Article 177 of Chapter Seven, which regulates the work of the House of Representatives, concerning the appointment and accountability of the government.

Informed sources confirmed that Dbeibah will present his ministerial formation to the House of Representatives headed by Aguila Saleh, and the formation may depend on the electoral districts, which are 13 constituencies in Libya, as a starting point for the representation process, taking into account the political and military balances that the de facto situation has imposed for years.

Many MPs are already in Tripoli and holding meetings and consultations at all times in order to reach an understanding on the issue of distributing ministries to the three geographical regions. News indicates that there are changes that may occur in the issue of the distribution of sovereign positions.

Meanwhile, Dbeibah had a phone conversation with the head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, Jan Kubis; and discussed with him the progress made in the government formation process and the efforts made to hold a session of Parliament to grant confidence.

Time has run out, then, and the moment of truth is approaching, the moment in which the citizens will see the “Dbeibah” ministerial formation, which he will present to Parliament; in the hope that it will pass through the hurdle of granting confidence so that “Dbeibah” does not find himself forced to present it to the members of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum.


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