Libya’s HoR gives confidence to Dbeibah’s government

The House of Representatives gave confidence to the national unity government, headed by Abdul Hamid Dabaiba, by 132 votes, with two members of Parliament abstaining from voting, and 36 absent from the session, which was held in the “Ouagadougou” hall in Sirte.

For his part, Speaker of Parliament, Agila Saleh, described this day as “historic” for the parliament, calling on the government to adhere to the election date set next December.

Dabaiba congratulated the city of Sirte and its people for writing history against the common enemy of the Libyans, which was represented in the image of “division”.

He said: “I will be committed to supporting the elections commission and fulfilling the deadline on December 24, and the Libyans will return to each other, and I will be keen to listen to their suffering.”

Dabaiba stressed the importance of the unity of Parliament at this sensitive stage, adding that they want a parliament meeting in “Kufra, Misurata and Tripoli,” to end hatred.

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