Italy leads EU movements to support Libya’s Unity Government

The journalist for the Italian “Nova” news agency, Mesimilano Bucklini, revealed intensified European moves to support the national unity government, indicating that the timing of the visit of Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio to Libya is important, especially as Rome wants to play a role in Libya during this period to support stability.

He announced, on the “LIVE” program, on 218News on Monday that Di Maio will visit Tripoli on March 25 with his French and German counterpart and European Union representative Joseph Borrell.

He said that the European moves are a kind of giving legitimacy and a diplomatic push to facilitate the way for the unity government to find radical solutions to spare Libyans the daily crises, especially the electricity crisis.

Speaking about the file of mercenaries and their removal from Libya, Msimilano said that Italy is able to persuade the countries involved in sending mercenaries to Libya to withdraw them, but in cooperation with the European Union and the Security Council, and the European Union is concerned about the Russian presence in particular.


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