Kubis intensifies moves inside Libya in support of holding elections on time

The Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General to Libya, Jan Kubis, stressed, through three meetings with the Dialogue Committee, community activists and the December 24 movement, that the national elections will be held on time and support the unity government in all its next steps, according to the requirements of the roadmap.

After his briefing before the Security Council to review the latest developments regarding the Libyan situation, the UN envoy had several moves at home, which he started by holding a meeting with the members of the Political Dialogue Forum via video communication to assess the progress made.

Kubis said that the role of the committee will remain a major forum whose mission is to preserve the accomplishments achieved, and to ensure the follow-up of the full implementation of the goals of the roadmap, including the holding of elections.

The UN envoy briefed the members of the forum on what has been achieved during his communication with the international community, and assured them that the international community fully supports the goals of the map and is committed to them, urging members of the Legal Committee to settle their differences to continue working constructively to develop reasonable proposals for the constitutional law for elections.

Kubis held a meeting with a group of women, including activists, lawyers, members of the Dialogue Forum, human rights advocates and civil society. The meeting focused on the decisive role of Libyan women in the political process, especially in the upcoming elections as voters and candidates.

In another meeting, the Special Envoy met with the founders of the December 24 elections stream, welcoming the initiative, stressing that the mission will do its utmost to ensure that the elections are held on time, and said that this is the vision of the Security Council, the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the Libyan political leaders, and the most important thing is that this is What the Libyan people want.


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