First shipment of Coronavirus vaccines awaiting plane transfer to Libya

A member of the advisory committee to confront Coronavirus, Haider Al-Sayeh, revealed, on Wednesday, that the first shipment of Coronavirus vaccine is ready awaiting its transfer to Libya.

Al-Sayeh said, on his Facebook page, that “Libyan Airlines were addressed today to receive and shipment of vaccines, and thus the first shipment from COVAX is ready waiting to be shipped to Libya.”

He explained in a statement to “218News”, that the first batch of vaccinations includes about 300.000 doses of the AstraZenka vaccine, indicating that there are consultations and agreements concluded by the Unity Government to import large quantities of vaccines in an urgent manner.

He revealed that it was agreed to dissolve the Coronavirus committees and join them in one committee at the level of Libya, and that their role was limited to research, consultation and giving recommendations and proposals only.

2.8 million doses

In another interview with “218News”, an epidemiologist and a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee to confront Coronavirus, Dr. Haider Al-Sayeh, revealed, last week, that Libya had contracted to provide vaccines from the COVAX initiative directly after Tunisia and the vaccines would arrive in the coming days through UNICEF.

He added that there are efforts by the Prime Minister to supply a number of vaccines after contacting a number of companies, expecting that they will arrive before COVAX vaccines.

He referred to the contract to supply 2.8 million doses of COVAX divided into two doses, stressing the need for citizens to register in the electronic system.

430 vaccination centers

Last week, the steering committee for the vaccination campaign against the novel Coronavirus revealed that there are 430 vaccination centers distributed all over Libya, and that the percentage of readiness to receive the vaccine reached 85%.

According to a statement by the Ministry of Health, the committee indicated that it has contacted vaccination supervisors in all municipalities to prepare and train all health workers responsible for administering the vaccine, and the pharmacovigilance team has also been contacted to be present in all vaccination centers to notice any symptoms that may occur after receiving the vaccine, and coordination has been made with the ambulance and emergency apparatus to provide an ambulance in front of each vaccination center, while the personnel responsible for administering the vaccine were trained on the safe disposal of waste, confirming that during the short period 95 doctors will be trained to deal with any symptoms that occur as a result of taking the vaccine.


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