Syrian Observatory: Turkey is being evasive in removing mercenaries from Libya

A group of about 380 fighters from the pro-Ankara Syrian factions, arrived in Turkey in the past days.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, no confirmed information has yet been received regarding whether the transfer took place to Libya from Turkey or to another region.

The return of the Syrian mercenaries who are loyal to Turkey from Libya had been held off, as the batch that left the Libyan lands on March 25th has not yet returned to Syria.

The sources of the Syrian Observatory confirmed that the Turkish side is evading the implementation of its obligations regarding this entitlement, amid the growing state of discontent and resentment among the ranks of these mercenaries due to the poor conditions in which they live, and the failure to pay their salaries.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed that the return of the pro-Russian Syrian mercenaries, who were recruited by the Russian “Wagner” company and sent to Libya, are still on hold.

It pointed out that what is happening is nothing more than replacement operations, revealing that their tasks are to protect the oil regions in Libya.

In a related context, the sources of the Syrian Observatory from Afrin explained that Abu Amsha, “the king of the kingdom of Sheikh Hadid” and the leader of the Sultan Suleiman Shah faction, is currently working on preparing a batch of his fighters to send them to Turkey, where it is more likely that their final destination will be Libya.

The sources stated that Abu Amsha told the fighters that their monthly salary would be $500, and that the payment was expected to go out to Turkey in the coming hours.


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