Turkey’s authorities foil attempt to smuggle 4 tons of drugs to Libya

In the city of Kocaeli, the Turkish authorities thwarted an attempt to smuggle 4 tons of drugs en route for Libya.

A source explained to 218News that anti-drug teams in Kocaeli carried out an international operation and seized nearly 4 tons of drugs hidden in bags of rubble.

The drug police searched a cargo ship in the customs area at the time of receiving the report.

The seized quantity consisted of 3 tons, 860 kg of hashish, 99,000 tablets of Captagon and about 100,000 pills, inside 119 bags full of construction waste, and it was hidden inside rolls of cardboard. Drug traffickers also tried to disguise drugs by putting mint with it so that dogs do not smell it.

The source indicated that the drugs were loaded in containers that were loaded from a port in Turkey and were to be sent to Lebanon and then to Libya.


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